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5 Reasons you’ll always need cash

With the worlds technology heading in one direction, it’s hard to believe that in a few years time we will still be needing cash. With the ability to swipe your card here and there and complete your personal banking with the touch of a button, cash can start to seem very primitive. But it’s this exact characteristic, that keeps cash in hand a necessity.

Need cash for action?

For every transaction done via credit card, online, or through the latest technology, a transaction fee is accrued. Store owners are the ones who have to pay for credit card transactions and this often leads them to having a minimum purchase price with a card. Cash in hand steers you away from the fee, and allows you to buy just what you went in for, not having to purchase more to cover your card costs.

The financial know

The financial know- it- alls of today continue to stress that if you want to stick to your monthly budget without any unpleasant surprises at the end of the month, stick to cash. Monitoring your expenses each time you hand over those crisp bills becomes a lot easier than swiping your little piece of plastic.

Having cash on hand keeps you out of debt. The illness of the worlds consumers today is to live beyond their means and to spend, spend, spend. When you operate with cash, you know in real time what money you have and it makes it a lot simpler to keep track of what you buy.

Cash offers dependability and security and it is very unlikely that it will ever be “out of order”. Today, we rely heavily on technology and having access to just about anything at our fingertips. When you have cash with you , there is no “please try again later” or “we are experiencing network difficulties at present”. Cash is dependable no matter what the situation is.

Our privacy in this century is hard to come by. With the ability to access just about everything digitally we open ourselves up to having our privacy transgressed. Social networks tell our names, our pictures, and what we ate for dinner, there is for sure no privacy there. Having a card as currency feeds into this, and allows our expenses to be broadcast. Cash provides privacy and anonymity, and many people, organizations, charities and businesses today value this as the number one reason that we’ll always need cash.

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